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When I watched this video I was shocked. Gorilla’s are so much like us!

A video taken at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida’s Animal Kingdom park shows gorillas are about as thrilled as we would be finding a snake in our home.

Park visitors were enjoying the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail when several guests noticed a gorilla tracking something. Turns out, a small snake somehow managed to get in, and its presence caused quite the ruckus. The other gorilla’s came over to see what was going on.

The TikTok video from Bearded Kraken (@silkystrokesurvivor) captured the entire interaction which has been viewed millions of times already. Several of the gorillas try to take a swat at the snake, which seems to be perfectly happy in its new home burrowing itself in the straw. Finally, the largest male in the group makes his way over to handle the situation but the tiny snake was too quick for him.

 It’s hilarious to see all these giant gorillas staring down at the snake like, “You handle it.” In the second video, titled aptly “Gorilla vs. Snake Part 2,” one of the gorillas gets right down next to it. He looks at the snake for a few seconds until the snake moves. He  That is, until the snake moves and the gorilla, like all of us, hightailed it in the opposite direction.
See both videos here. They’re too funny!