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I don’t think most of us need this type of warning however The CDC disagrees. You’re probably aware that it’s not a good idea to go swimming if you’re having stomach issues. Well now The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention is warning against swimming with diarrhea, but the image they used is getting lots of attention.

The agency tweeted that “one person with diarrhea can contaminate the entire pool” and the tweet includes a cartoon GIF of a girl going down a pool slide leaving a brown streak behind her.  Yup! It definitely gets their point across.

As if this one wasn’t bad enough, it’s not the “official” one! The CDC uses an image of a child with a brown streak floating away from them on their official Diarrhea and Swimming page.  Yes they actually have a page designated to diarrhea and swimming.

Ewwwwww! Folks on Twitter had mixed reactions. Some were grossed out, not a shocker, while others say the pictures get your attention. I’ll say this, looking at the pictures may keep me out of a pool for the rest of the summer! You KNOW some folks don’t follow common sense! So, yeah, happy summer! LOL!