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We can all agree that COVID changed much about what we all took for granted in our lives. One thing it changed for me was how I watch movies. I was a big movie theater goer. The popcorn, the large drink, some goobers, being in a dark theater with like minded folks and no distractions. That all went away with the lockdown and even though we’re back to being able to go to theaters, I don’t think the experience will ever return 100%.

The big thing now is “premieres” at home, some at no additional charge via HBOMAX and deals with the big studios. Other times you can rent them for a premium price that’s still cheaper than a night at the movies. Disney + calls theirs “Premiere Access”. All this changing of how we watch has caused me to miss movies I would normally have seen.

One such movie is “WANDER”… I saw it “for rent” on the ribbons of all the major streaming platforms and it looked like it would be some love story drama set in a small town in the southwest. I didn’t even watch the trailer. I saw the cast and liked the mix of Aaron Eckhart, Tommy Lee Jones, and Heather Graham, but still wasn’t moved to watch it when it first came out. “I’ll wait until it hits the streams for free” , I thought.

I noticed yesterday that it had now entered the free zone and I thought I’d at least check the trailer. HOLY SH&%! … I couldn’t have been more wrong about the type movie just by that little postage stamp sized square they design to tease you with. This was not some sleepy, southwestern love story drama. This was a murder mystery, fueled by conspiracy theorist podcaster’s who stumbled onto something dark and sinister. I watched it, LOVED it and now can recommend it to you. “WANDER” is well worth your time with great performances all around. Happy viewing.

WANDER | Official Trailer [HD] | Paramount Movies

Now on Digital and on DemandGet it now: Eckhart, Tommy Lee Jones and Heather Graham star in the edge-of-your-seat thrille...