Actor William Shatner on the main stage during "Star Trek: Mission New York" day 3 at Javits Center on September 4, 2016 in New York City.

William Shatner has blessed Shark Week with yesterday’s (July 12) special called Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek on Discovery Channel, trying to conquer his fear of sharks by jumping straight into the water with them.

Per Yahoo! Entertainment, Shatner told show host Josh Gates, “I am deathly afraid of sharks. I really am.”

To help the Star Trek actor dip his toe into getting acquainted with the sharks, Gates had Shatner visit relatively safe hammerhead and reef sharks, neither of which are known to eat or attack humans. Then to turn up the danger factor, he swam with potentially deadly tiger sharks.

With Gates and a team of experts ready at his side, Shatner came face-to-face with various tiger sharks while underwater — some of the sharks were 15 feet long. Shatner seemed to genuinely love the experience even through some tense moments where the sharks’ movements were unpredictable.

“They’re so beautiful, they’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” the 90-year-old actor said. “Unbelievable. One of the great moments of my life.”

When asked by Gates if  he conquered his fear, Shatner responded, “I have.”

Twitter was impressed seeing Shatner at his age overcome his fear of sharks, with one user saying, “Mind blown! How on God’s green earth is Captain Kirk 90 F-ing years old??!! This man is amazing! Fountain of youth in backyard no doubt.”