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This Saturday July 17 is “Record Store Day” and Dave Grohl & The Foo Fighters will mark the occasion with the release of “Hail Satin” a new vinyl LP. One entire side of the album is a tribute to the Bee Gee’s with Dave singing falsetto as he covers some of the Brother’s Gibb’s biggest songs and one from brother Andy Gibb as well. Calling themselves “The Dee Gee’s” everyone looks to be having fun, except maybe Pat Smear who just looks miserable. Maybe we can get Phil & Mel to feature the original this Friday on the Disco Drive Home at 4pm? As for the cover by The Dee Gee’s. They nailed it!



Dee Gees | You Should Be Dancing

HAIL SATIN - the vinyl debut of Dee Gees - coming to a local record store & dance party near you July 17th for the next Record Store Day drop!!! https://reco...