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They weren’t named Thompson, nor were they twins. In fact, there were three of them. It didn’t matter. As far as their fans were concerned, Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie, and Joe Leeway could call themselves whatever they wanted.

Thomson and Thompson


Thompson Twins were named after Thomson and Thompson (above), the two bumbling detectives in the comic strip The Adventures of Tintin. After multiple lineup changes between 1977 and 1982, it was the trio of Bailey, Currie, and Leeway that finally had a major international impact with the 1983 single “Hold Me Now.”

According to Songfacts, Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie were a couple at the time that they wrote “Hold Me Now.” The inspiration for the song came after they had been in a heated argument and later made up. They eventually got married in 1991 and had two children together. Sadly, Tom and Alannah only held on until 2003, just a few years after Thompson Twins split up.