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It’s not uncommon to hear of lottery scratch off tickets being given as gifts. But it’s also not often that “gift” turns into a much larger one.  However for Charlotte resident Karen Urteco Sandrez that was in fact the case. In what was most likely one of the best gives she ever received a $20 scratch-off ticket turned into $2 million. A family friend gifted her the ticket- a “100X The Cash” scratch-off purchased from the Lucia Food Mart located on Killian Road in Stanley, NC.  Urteco Sandrez told lottery officials it was “surreal” and that she “couldn’t believe it”. She chose to take the lump sum which came out to $1.2 million or $849,000 after taxes. No word on how much, if any, she will be sharing with her friend.

When giving a lottery ticket as a gift you definitely have to know your audience. I know plenty of people who would appreciate it and others who would absolutely not. Although with that ticket worth $2 million I think anyone would appreciate it!

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