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You’ve heard of Jackson Pollock? Get ready to meet Jackson Polliwog.

Recent high school graduate Madison Brass is an amphibian aficionado. In fact, she’s on her way to the University of Central Florida where she’ll be pursuing a Ph.D in Exotic Veterinary Medicine. She also has her own website,, dedicated to amphibian care. It’s also where you can see a couple of her toads, Fefe and Bubba, create works of abstract art.

How do the toads do it? Madison places blobs of paint on a small canvases, puts them inside zip lock bags, and has her toads hop on them to create unique art pieces. She motivates Fefe and Bubba with snacks, namely crickets and worms. You have to stir the muse somehow. Check out Fefe and Bubba in action below:

Fefe the Painting Toad!

Have you ever seen a toad paint before? Well now you can and you even own your own! Based on the Tik Tok trend of dogs painting, I have altered the process a...

The Painting Toad!

Get your own Fefe painting today at I am so excited to announce our official Etsy page! I never thought this channel ...

Not bad, huh? Madison has also turned her love of amphibians into a retail enterprise with her own Etsy shop.