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As my family continues to fall hopelessly in love with our new 10-week-old puppy, we’re amazed at how quickly she’s adapting to life in our home. In less than a week, Daisy has already shown signs of understanding how things work around here. According to a new study, that’s simply what dogs do.

Researchers from Duke University in Durham, NC say that dogs really do “get” humans. Through 14,000 years of domestication, dogs have evolved to understand human gestures and look to humans for help unlike any other animal.

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The research team monitored wolf pups raised by humans and dogs raised with hardly any human contact. Their study found that the dogs still outperformed their wolf counterparts in tests of their understanding and cooperation with humans. In a nutshell, dogs instinctively understand people.

If you need any more proof of the amazing bond between canines and humans, take a look at the video below of dogs reacting to being kissed. And prepare to have you heart melted.