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I’m a huge fan of pickles. And Phil and I have tried many different dill pickle foods in our food videos. We’ve tried Dill Pickle Popcorn, Chocolate Covered Dill Pickles, and I even made Dill Pickle Cupcakes for us.

Dill pickle everything has been a trend the last year, and now there’s something for gummy bear fans. East Tasty, a confectioner out in East Nashville, Tennessee, has a particular flavor of gummies that they’re serving up for the month of July: Dill Pickle.

According to East Tasty, each batch of the Dill Pickle Gummies contains actual dill seed and dill weed. Surely this is the perfect gift for the pickle lover in your life. I may be the odd one out on this. Despite my love of pickles, I wouldn’t like these. I’m not a fan at all of gummy bears. Never have been. They ARE a festive color though!

But if you like pickles and gummy bears, these are for you! Make sure to act quick and get them here. They’re just a flavor for July so you only have a limited time to snag them.