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Brad Pitt participates in the roundtable discussion during the Breitling Summit on September 24, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

I married my first husband when I was 30 years old and he was 23 years old. We only dated three months before we were engaged. And I’ll totally admit now that I was definitely infatuated with his looks. He looked like a thinner version of Brad Pitt when Pitt was in the movie “Thelma & Louise”. It was uncanny. And I wasn’t the only one that thought that. All my friends thought the same. But I’ll admit that this dude looks even more like Pitt than my ex does.

Nathan Meads is a single dad in England who works as a subcontractor but moonlights as a Brad Pitt impersonator. He says it has made it hard for him to date.

When it comes to dating, Meads admitted it’s quite hard to find love due to his looks. “I do get hit on by women a lot,” he said. “Some of them just can’t believe how much I look like him and some of them accuse me of ‘catfishing.’ People always try and live-video call me on my Instagram because they don’t think I’m real,” Meads told Jam Press.  While he has tried dating apps, some women accuse him of having fake profiles and others will “literally start stalking” him.  Eventually, Meads just deleted all his dating app profiles.

For years, Meads was told he looked like Pitt, but just blew it off. But eventually, after hearing it so often, he found a way to benefit from it by being a Pitt impersonator, which he does as a side job. After looking at his Instagram page, I’ll admit that there are some pictures where he is a dead-ringer for Pitt. In other pics, you can tell he’s not the actor. In a few of the pictures, he really does look like Pitt in “Fight Club”.

I’ll say this: he’s definitely a cutie! There’s no question about that. What do you think? Don’t make a quick decision. Take a look at his Instagram page so you can make an “informed” decision. LOL!