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Photo by Mark Large - WPA Pool / Getty Images

I think this cat represents how all of us feel in the morning when we don’t want to wake up and face reality. Ricky the Tabby Cat has acquired over 1 million views on TikTok for his interesting way he goes down the stairs. I don’t have a cat but I’m not sure this is how they usually descend stairs.

In the video Ricky, an orange-and-white tabby cat, is standing on a staircase. He then softly head-butts the side of a step and lays down. It’s a similar move that cats make when they are trying to get pets from you. But then it gets weird.

Ricky then goes down the staircase headfirst while on his side, extending his body to push him down to the next step. He looks like Jell-O as he floats down the stairs or a “cat Slinky”. The music in the video is perfect.

If you’re in need of a stress reliever, this will do it. Watching it makes me feel relaxed and kinda goovy!