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I don’t know if we’re going to end up with shortages of toilet paper and Lysol like we did last year with COVID, but there are shortages happening again. UGH!

Costco just put purchase limits on six more grocery items. Saturday, one Costco member announced via Costco’s Reddit community, that their store had posted a hand-made notice of maximum purchase allotments on some products.

The message stated this had been done “due to supply issues.” However, some participants on the message board speculated other factors, such as staffing issues and Costco’s August members-only savings.

No matter the reason, these are the things I found on MSN. Just in case you’re planning a Costco run this week!

Kirkland Paper Towels: One-unit limit

Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper: One-unit limit

Bounty Paper Towels: Bounty Advance (one-unit limit) and Bounty Print (limit of two).

Charmin Toilet Paper: One-unit limit on Charmin Ultra, and a two-unit limit on Charmin Red.

No matter your view on being vaccinated, it’s apparent that the Delta-variant is causing a problem for our country. I personally know of two people in the hospital in ICU due to COVID. Although I’ve been vaccinated, it scares me some. I start radiation on Tuesday for breast cancer, so my immune system will be weak. Not like it’s that strong as it is!

I’ve determined I’m probably never going to date again! LOL! I can’t be around other people right now and who knows when all this crap will end. I’m going to work and that’s it!

Costco isn’t where I shop but seeing this made me realize I may wanna get some toilet paper now. I’m not one of those “hording” people, I just like to have backup rolls. Stay safe!

Source: MSN