Halloween Tips and Tricks


Some people really go all out for Halloween with Hollywood-grade costumes. However, not all of us get into it at the cosplay level. Some of us like to take the easy way out if we’re forced to dress up for a Halloween party. If that’s the case, you might as well still have some fun with it.

Popsugar has collected some of the most clever and ridiculously simple costumes you’ll find on Instagram. If you enjoy puns, you’ll find these especially appealing. Here are a few examples:

  • Cereal Killer: Make a fake blood stained top or dress, glue small boxes of cereal to it and hold a fake knife.
  • Chip On Your Shoulder: Tape a bag of chips…to your shoulder.
  • Copy Cat: Wear a black shirt, draw whiskers and a cat nose on your face, add cat ears, and use string to tie a card with “CTRL+C” to it.
  • Deviled Egg: Get an egg t-shirt (or make one) and add devil horns on your head.
  • Pumpkin Pi: Get a pumpkin t-shirt and add the Pi symbol.
  • Royalty: This is as simple as it gets. Wear a white t-shirt with the word “royal” on it. Or you could get a royal blue t-shirt.
  • Smart Cookie: Get a graduation cap and a box of cookies. Done!

Are these costumes sort of lazy? Sure, but no one can accuse you of being a party-pooper. By the way, the party-pooper costume involves a poop emoji shirt, a roll of toilet paper, and a birthday party hat. You can see more “punny” costume ideas HERE.