A year of lockdown has led to a lot of people wanting to bust out and travel. Making an international trip happen is still a challenge, so many people have been looking around the U.S. or, at the very least, in their own states. If you had to pick just one place to visit in your own state, where would that be?

Reddit user u/Fallout99 asked that very question and BuzzFeed compiled the responses. The top pick for North Carolina should come as no surprise. People love Asheville. It’s scenic, it’s artsy, and it’s a mecca for good food and great beer.

Downtown Asheville

Iron sculpture in downtown Asheville. (Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock)

What would you guess was the #1 choice for South Carolina? If you said Charleston, you’re in for a surprise. I thought the same thing, based on the fact that Charleston always tops these sorts of lists. However, Greenville has taken the crown away from the Holy City. And that’s well deserved. Greenville is a terrific city with an impressive food scene and plenty of activities for the whole family.

Aerial shot of Greenville, SC

Aerial shot of Greenville, South Carolina. (Kevin Ruck/Shutterstock)

I was curious to see what the must-see spot was in my home state of Pennsylvania. It’s the picturesque town of Jim Thorpe, named after the famous Olympian and football player. It’s described as the “Switzerland of America.” The folks in Little Switzerland, NC might have something to say about that. You can see the top travel destinations in each state HERE.