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A dog in the UK became “Facebook famous” after taking a solo ride on a city bus on September 7th. According to ITV, the intrepid canine, named Patch, followed another person onto the bus in Plymouth, so passengers didn’t think anything of it. Then Patch went and sat by himself. That’s when the other passengers grew concerned. They quickly took photos and posted them on lost animal sites. One passenger even bought some water for Patch.

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Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. Plymouth Citybus shared Patch’s story on Facebook, saying, “After passengers noticed he hadn’t brought his human with him, he spent some time at our Royal Parade Travel Centre before being reunited with his owner and taken back to fur-miliar surroundings.” No word on if Patch will be getting his own bus pass.

We get some odd things in lost property, but today was a particularly odd tail.... 🐾Patch escaped from his owners and...

Posted by Plymouth Citybus on Tuesday, September 7, 2021