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We’ve all seen that poster of the cat dangling from a tree with the caption that reads, “Hang in there.” Well, life imitated that poster for one feline at Saturday’s (9/11) Appalachian State-Miami football game.

During the match-up between the Mountaineers and Hurricanes in Florida, many fans’ eyes turned away from the action on the field when they noticed a cat hanging by its paws from the upper deck of Hard Rock Stadium. Eventually the cat fell, only to be caught by fans holding an outstretched American flag.

According to WPLG-TV, Craig Cromer was one of the fans who helped save the plummeting cat. He told the Miami station that his wife brings the flag to every Hurricanes game. Cromer also said that he doesn’t know where the cat is now, but he believes it was someone’s pet because it had a collar.

By the way, Miami beat Appalachian State, 25-23. But here’s what everyone was really watching:

Cat Took A WILD Fall At The Miami Football Game 😱 #Shorts

This view of the cat from the Miami game had me on a roller coaster of emotions. 🤯😭 Video via dylan_marinov/IGSubscribe: