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Phil & Mel In The Afternoon

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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

I mentioned in an earlier blog that someone in my apartment complex was wearing a Michael Myers mask last week, trying to scare folks as they came off the elevator. Didn’t work on me. After the year I’ve had, I’m not easily scared. My “flight” is gone and all I got left is my “fight”. LOL!

Not everyone enjoys a scaring prank. An attorney in Texas found that out the hard way once he was arrested. Mark Metzger is an attorney in Galveston, Texas and decided to get spooky before Halloween. Some people began calling the police reporting a man roaming a local beach in a Michael Myers costume.

Officers found Metzger dressed as the serial killer from the “Halloween” movies and put him in handcuffs before determining the blood and knife were fake. According to The Daily News in Galveston, Metzger was cited for disorderly conduct. Metzger said in a Facebook post Monday night he was “still fuzzy on what exactly was illegal.”

Metzger said he was, “Bringing positive vibes to the gloom and doom out there, generating some laughter, helping people crack a smile, and restoring our faith in humanity through humor.” Of course, not everyone got or liked his sense of humor.

I’m sure he’ll be able to argue against the citation since he’s a lawyer. Or he’ll just pay a fine. Truth told, this picture is worth it all! Seeing “Michael Myers” getting arrested on a beach is hilarity at its finest! Cracked me up!