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We have all done it: purchased a beautiful plant to brighten up our home and then killed it. You may have watered it too much or not enough, put it in direct sunlight when it needed shade, or left it in a dark spot when it needed sun. Well there’s now insurance if you don’t trust your green thumb or if you don’t have one.

Yes. There’s plant insurance! You can get insurance through Horti, a plant subscription service. The company offers two houseplant insurance packages to help you out if you accidentally neglect your plant. Both plans offer you support from gardening experts in case you need help developing your plant skills.

Horti’s insurance options are:

  • Plant Reassurance – This package is for wanna-be gardeners who can’t figure out why their plant is withering. Concerned plant owners can send in a photo of their sick plant and the plant docs will take a look, then offer personalized care tips and advice. ($4.99 a month)
  • Plant Resurrection – With this insurance plan, you also get plant health advice, as well as the extra peace of mind that if your little leafy baby doesn’t make it, the company will replace it with a new one. But it only covers plants purchased from Horti. ($9.99 a month)

If you’re like me, you’ve spent some serious money on plants only to watch them die. I’ll admit it! I’ve done it more than once. With this service you can understand nature and learn how to properly care for you plants.

When I first saw this, I giggled to myself because I thought it was silly. But now I think it’s a good idea. Every two weeks I buy myself a small flower bouquet from the grocery store to brighten up my apartment. I love flowers and decided since I don’t have a significant other to send them to me, I’d buy my own. What I need to do is buy some plants that bloom every year. Unfortunately, every time I do that, the plants die for one reason or another. This service can help! I like it! Crafty idea!