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A 13th birthday is important for those in the Jewish community. Boys have a bar mitzvah and girls have a bat mitzvah. These events symbolize a entry into adulthood. I remember my bat mitzvah in 1983. My parents had massive tents set up beside our house and I got to invite a number of kids from school. There was dancing, food, and lots of presents. I paid my way through college with stocks/money I got for my bat mitzvah. It’s a huge event for Jewish children.

Brody is a 13 year old labradoodle and his humans celebrated his birthday with a ‘bark mitzvah’. The ‘bark mitzvah’ happened in 2020 but the video on TikTok is now going viral. And it’s awesome! The Jewish brother and sister dressed Brody in a blue-and-white yarmulke and tails. They danced to the song “Hava Nagila” which is a song that’s played at almost every Jewish celebration. I don’t usually dance but when that song is played, I dance.

The cute pup also got a Star of David biscuit and a frosted bone shaped cookie along with a new set of squeaky toys.  The video is beyond cute! Brody has the cutest little face and he looks so excited!


my dog turned 13 today so ofc he had to celebrate his barkmitzvah #jewish #dogs #labradoodle #barmitzvah #doodledog

♬ Hava Nagila - Leonard Bookman