Since his first appearance in the 1978 film “Halloween”, Michael Myers has become a horror icon many people find frightening. A good friend of mine freaks out when she hears the “Halloween” music. LOL! The original “Halloween” has always been one of my favorites. Of course, my last name IS Myers.Four-year-old Aria Alvarado is unlike most kids, and adults for that matter. She LOVES Michael Myers.  In a video posted recently on TikTok, Aria is seen celebrating her 4th birthday with her family in California. All of the sudden, the “Halloween” theme music begins to play. The little birthday girl starts scanning the area, looking for Michael Myers. And, he appears!

“I love him,” she shouts as she paces back and forth with excitement, eventually spotting the character across the parking lot. When she sees Myers, she shouts to him, “Michael Myers, I love you!” before running to him and jumping into his arms. Yup. RUNS into the horror character’s arms.

The 50-second video clip has gone viral and has snagged over 3 million views in the last 24 hours. Aria’s mom Rose Alvarado tells TODAY that she and her husband planned the scary party for her since Aria loves scary movies. She knew her daughter would be excited, but had no clue how excited she’d be.

And don’t worry….it wasn’t the “real” Michael Myers at the party. Aria’s dad was in the costume for the party. I love this kid!!! When I was her age I was scared of horror movies. Dracula really got to me. I think it’s cool she loves the scary stuff. And her parents say that as long as she’s having fun, they’re ok with it.