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Now that Price’s Chicken Coop has closed its doors forever, the debate over who makes the best fried chicken in Charlotte can start anew. A lot of people, including my oldest son, say it’s the Market Express convenience store at the corner of East Boulevard and South Boulevard. It’s also a gas station but what it lacks in ambience, it makes up for in flavor.

I’m a fan of Bonchon Korean fried chicken in ParkTowne Village. The King’s Kitchen in uptown serves a delicious pan fried bird. I’ve also heard that Charlotte is getting a new hot chicken chain from L.A. You don’t have to look far to find good fried chicken around here. But who fries up the finest fowl in the state? That’s another story.

Taste of Home has put out their picks for “The Best Fried Chicken in Every State.” North Carolina’s fried chicken dinner winner is in Chapel Hill. Apparently, Mama Dip’s keeps it simple. The website explains, “In the pecking order of Southern soul food, this Chapel Hill landmark comes out on top. Don’t expect any frills or fancy ingredients: A little black pepper and some shortening is all Mama herself needed to whip up some of the best fried chicken you’ll ever eat.” My aforementioned son goes to school in Chapel Hill. I think I’m due for a visit.

According to Taste of Home, you’ll find South Carolina’s choicest chicken at Yogi Bear’s Honey Fried Chicken in Hartsville. The website says of Yogi Bear’s bird, “One word: thick. That’s the best way to describe the crust of this famous fried chicken, which tastes even better dipped in syrupy honey. It’s heavy, too, because the extra-dense exterior keeps all of the savory juices trapped inside.”

Do you have any suggestions of your own? Let us know! You can see the rest of the state-by-state list HERE.