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A few weeks ago I blogged about Panera’s Mac & Cheese Grilled Sandwich. I went to Panera to grab one for Phil and I to try, but they were sold out. A friend of mine in Georgia had one and loves it. LOTTA carbs so it’s a good sandwich to have if you’re planning a nap afterward.

People are serious about their love for mac & cheese. And the same goes for pizza. I’m picky about both! That said, I’d never combine the two but that’s what’s happened.  Digiorno has announced its new Original Rising Crust Mac & Cheese Pizza, inspired by Stouffer’s signature Mac & Cheese. And it’s just what you think: hearty mac & cheese on top of a pizza. Kids will love this!

Nationwide release isn’t for a while. It’s set to come out in the Spring of 2022.  However, fans can win an exclusive first taste now during October’s National Pizza Month. You can enter now through October 27, 2021 to grab this exclusive pie. All the info is here.  Just looking at the picture makes me wanna grab my elastic waist pants! If you win one, let me know how it is!