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Randall Runtsch/Shutterstock

It’s time for the “Water Tank of the Year” competition! The what, you ask. The National Water Tank of the Year contest is a thing and it’s all about showing off the flashy side of tanks and towers. That’s right, flashy.

We’ve all passed by cool or interesting or unusual looking water tanks and towers and now they’re getting some recognition. You can even vote for the one that you think is the most eye-catching in this annual contest held by Tnemec Company, Inc of Kansas City. A committee will judge the finalists based on artistic value, significance of the tank to the community, and challenges encountered during construction.

So far, the front runner is a water tower in Rochester, Minnesota that’s shaped like an ear of corn (top). That reminded me of something down I-85 in Gaffney, SC. Have you ever seen the big peach water tower there? You know, the one that looks like a butt. Oddly, that tank is not among the nominees, but maybe it has already won this contest before. How could it not?

Peach water tank, Gaffney SC

Kevin Ruck/Shutterstock

There are plenty of nominees from the Carolinas, though, including water tanks and towers in Asheboro, Concord, Columbia, Harrisburg, Hickory, Statesville, Tega Cay, and others. Online voting continues until October 15th. The People’s Choice will be announced on October 18th. The Tank of the Year will be unveiled on October 22nd. You can vote here.