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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In 1978, I was on the radio promoting this new scary movie called “Halloween” starring Jamie Lee Curtis & Donald Pleasance. I knew Donald from “Fantastic Voyage” but Jamie Lee was just getting started. I saw the movie in a full theater and loved it and of course loved Jamie Lee Curtis and have followed her career ever since.

Who knew, I would still be around and on the radio 43 years later to talk about and promote what may be the final chapter of the Halloween story. “Halloween Kills” opens today in theaters and on HBO Max. I’m looking forward to popping some corn and seeing how the story has held up after all these years. Jamie Lee came back in 1998 for H20, The 20th anniversary of Halloween and we all thought that was the finale. I was on-air promoting that one as well.

Below is Jamie Lee through the Halloween years. BOO!