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It’s October 21 which means soup season is here! Sadly, the weather doesn’t feel like soup season. It’s still a bit warm to be all snuggled up in comfy clothes with a bowl of soup. Regardless, I’ve already made my first batch of soup. I’m hoping if I make soup the cooler weather will arrive!

I’m a huge soup fan and I’ll make numerous kinds in the fall and winter. This past week I made a “Cold Fighting Chicken Noodle Soup” that I found on Pinterest. It was tasty! Adding fresh lemon and herbs to a chicken noodle soup just elevates the taste.

I have a few different go-go chicken noodle soups I make but one of my favorite soups when the weather gets cooler is a Pumpkin Black Bean Soup. I know it sounds weird, but it’s one of the tastiest soups and it’s so easy to make. The recipe comes from Rachel Ray. A few years ago I found the recipe on the Food Network site and it’s been in my soup rotation ever since. The curry gives it the perfect warmth.

If you aren’t a fan of making your own soup, The Charlotte Observer has a list of “Charlotte’s 13 Best Soups.” The list offers different types of soups from restaurants around the city. Some of the “soups” mentioned I don’t consider actual soups. Chicken and Dumplings at Dish is on the list. I’ve heard Dish is amazing but I don’t consider chicken and dumplings soup. I love it, but to me it’s not a soup.

The She Crab Soup at Eddie’s Place is on the list and I can say that it’s one of the best soup’s I’ve ever had. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten it, but it was delightful! I’m not sure if it still comes with a shot of Sherry on the side, but adding it to the soup makes it!

Check out the list and see if your favorite soup is on the list. And if you have some yummy soup recipes, please share!