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I will tell you upfront that this story is awful. And although I probably shouldn’t be shocked, I am. Is it social media that’s turning people nuts?

A fitness model has been slammed online after she shared a series of selfies that she took in front of her father’s coffin as his funeral. Yes…you read that right! According to the New York Post, people are calling the pictures “sick”, “vile”, and “disgusting.”  And I totally agree!

Jayne Rivera, from Miami, Florida, is a social media star who has gained popularity through her fashion, travel and swimwear posts. Last week, she mentioned on Instagram that her father, a veteran, had passed away.

In a separate post on Monday, the influencer shared various pictures of herself posing in front of her dad’s casket. And the funeral was open casket by the way. WTgH?!

I realize I should not judge, but to me this is so disrespectful. Posing in “cute” pictures in a somewhat racy dress in front of your dad’s coffin just seems beyond tacky. And I’m not the only one judging. Apparently Rivera is continuing to lose followers.

Not posting the pictures but if you want to see them, you can here. Am I just getting old or is this wrong?