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Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

This is your “feel good Friday” story for the week and it’s a good one.

Kimberly Waterbury and her 95 year-old mom, Dottie Schneider, are from Indiana and they went to the Gulf Coast this month to vacation. Unfortunately, Schneider was unable to walk onto the beach on her own. She uses a wheelchair to get around.

According to Fox News, The Beach Safety Division in the City of Orange Beach went above and beyond to make sure the ladies had a great vacation. A lifeguard saw Waterbury helping her mom along the beach, and offered her a ride in his beach patrol vehicle. Sweet!

But they went further to help out the women. The lifeguard gave the ladies the field office number so that they could call every morning to let the guards know when they were ready to hit the beach.

Kudos to these men for helping these two women enjoy a fun and memorable vacation. Love it! AND the pictures are absolutely awesome! The best ones are here.