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Judy Tejero/Shutterstock

Any teacher who can get a group of teenagers to look up from their phones, pay attention, and accomplish something together is worth their weight in gold. Jennifer Hawkins, a high school dance teacher in Michigan, set out to teach a group of students the choreography from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.

The first hurdle for Ms. Hawkins might have been to get the kids interested in a song that was a hit twenty years before they were born. But who can resist the infectious groove of “Thriller,” especially in October? Once the kids learned the moves, they put on an impromptu show for the school. And it’s awesome.

Rex Chapman retweeted the original post, adding, “This Halloween — please never forget why good teachers should make a bazillion dollars a year. Never forget when Michigan teacher Jennifer Hawkins taught her kids the choreography to “Thriller” and then led them through the halls of the school…” Actor Josh Gad’s comment was simply, “Incredible.” Indeed.