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Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Ok…so the bears aren’t little and Goldilocks isn’t around, but this is as close as you can get!

A California man recently had to tread lightly in his home since there were three bears in it. According to UPI, John Holden came home to find his front door wide open. He walked inside and found a bear on his kitchen counter with its face in a KFC bucket scarfing up chicken. Holden also discovered that two other bears were also inside his home.

All three bears hung out for a bit. Holden was able to get the bears outside the house by making loud noises. He says he’s encountered plenty of bears outside his house, but not inside. The three bears did more than just snag his bucket of chicken. They also left his home in a ruckus.

The scent of the fried chicken is probably what enticed the animals to enter the home. Not a shock! Bears or not, who leaves a bucket of chicken on the counter?! Am I the only one that puts it in the fridge? Maybe he ran out for some extra slaw or mashed potatoes. LOL! Whatever the reason, he’s lucky he wasn’t injured! Although losing a bucket of KFC is a total bummer!

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