According to Insider , the text read: “Hey. I know you’re probably never going to forgive me for what happened, but I wanted a chance to explain. I know it wasn’t right that I ‘technically’ hooked up with your roommate, but I’ve been going through a lot and that’s not who I am.”  It also says, “I love you so much more than Emily.”  Classy.The ex rolls on about how he’s had such a rough time lately and that he missed Jax because she was working so much, insinuating that it’s HER fault he cheated. Ugh.

I’ve dealt with a man like this and all I can say is Jax is lucky! She found out the guy’s not worthy BEFORE marrying him. Sadly, that’s what I did! LOL!

Obviously I don’t know Jax but may I say, BRAVO lady! This is an excellent way for a bit of payback. Karma set to a festive tune!


Adding sad violins to my ex’s bs apology text featuring the incredible @lindseystirling ❤️. #fypシ #foryou #xyzbca

♬ original sound - Jax