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Remember when food trucks and breweries started showing up everywhere in North Carolina? Then food trucks began selling food at breweries. It made sense. You shouldn’t drink beer on an empty stomach. But what if you drink too much? It would be nice to have a hotel room within walking distance. Well, someone has finally figured it all out.

According to Axios Charlotte, a “brewery hotel” is being built in Asheville by Charlotte developer Brett Krueger. It’s called District Brewery. The first floor of the triangular building will include the brewery and a restaurant. A 25-room boutique hotel will be on the second floor. The third floor will have 10 condos that can be rented out as Airbnb units. An underground parking garage is part of the design.

Then there’s the rooftop, which will serve as an event space. The pièce de résistance is a food truck that will be airlifted onto the roof. I’m not sure why it has to be a food truck, since it won’t able to drive anywhere. I guess it’s just for the look. I’m assuming the engine will be removed before it’s hoisted up there.

Construction on the brewery hotel is set to begin in mid-2022. It sounds like District Brewery could be the ultimate overnight destination for foodies and craft beer enthusiasts in Asheville. I just hope they don’t also decide to add rooftop axe throwing. That would be a problem for folks down on the sidewalk.