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In case you didn’t know, and I didn’t, McDonald’s sells something called a Holiday Pie. I have fond memories of their mouth-scalding but tasty Fried Apple Pie, which went away in 1992. And Mickey D’s still sells a Baked Apple Pie, although it’s not quite as delicious as its more dangerous predecessor. How have I never tried the Holiday Pie?

According to Southern Living, McDonald’s first introduced the gooey dessert in 1999 and brings it back for a limited time each year, like they do with the McRib. The seasonal pastry includes a vanilla custard wrapped in a butter crust that’s glazed with sugar and adorned with rainbow sprinkles.

The Holiday Pie is available through early January, but not every location will have it. Your best bet will be to use the McDonald’s app to see if the pie is available near you. Oh, and customers who have tried it are lovin’ it. Ba da ba ba baaa…