According to KMOV,  an Alabama woman is being recognized for her extreme kindness in buying plane tickets for a family of five to get back to their home in Texas. When a couple’s car breaks down in south Alabama, they gather their belongings and their three children and start walking. A woman named Ann sees the family walking down the highway and stops to see if she can help them.

After finding out the family is stranded and trying to get back home to Texas, the woman offers to buy plane tickets for the whole family and drive them 50 miles to the airport. But with all of their possessions, they can’t fit in Ann’s car. So she flags down a couple of young men in a pickup truck and convinces them to help deliver the family and their staff to the Pensacola International Airport. After seeing the family at the airport and buying the tickets back to Texas, Ann gets worried about the fact that the family is toting all their belongings in cardboard boxes that are coming apart at the seams, so she goes and buys them luggage and delivers it to the family at the airport.

A Pensacola police officer at the airport hears about Ann’s good deeds and reports it to his superiors, who think her actions deserve recognition. They give Ann a $50 gift card and post about the story on Facebook. Unsurprisingly, Ann immediately tries to give away the gift card to someone else.

Source: KMOV

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