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I love this and I think you’re kids may like it too! Zillow is sharing their fictional price estimate for Santa’s home at the North Pole and it ain’t cheap. The “winter lover’s paradise” is on 25 acres, includes a three-bedroom house for Santa’s main living quarters, as well as cottages for the elves, known as Elf Village.

In 2012, Santa’s house was worth about $341,000 but like many homes, the price has gone up quite a bit. Even though Santa’s house isn’t on the market right now, Zillow gives us some insight as to what Santa and Mrs. Claus’ home offers.  Check it out:

  • Santa and Mrs. Claus’ main living quarters was constructed in the 1800s and is “steeped in Old World charm,” but thanks to a recent renovation, it comes with many modern-day amenities.
  • The new gourmet kitchen features an unique oven that has 12 different cookie settings
  • The dining room even has a device that serves hot chocolate on tap
  • In Santa’s study, you can find the same sewing table where he reportedly made the very first Teddy bear
  • In addition to the house, there’s a state-of-the art toy-making workshop and a garage for the all-weather sleigh
  • There are also stables for the reindeer, with a special stall for Rudolph
  • Since Santa doesn’t make the toys alone, the elves have their own private cottages known as Elf Village.
  • After long days at work, the elves can relax and unwind in their meditation space and yoga studio that boasts “perfect feng shui.”

With amenities like those, you know this sprawling estate isn’t going to be cheap. The latest estimate from Zillow for Santa’s estate is just a bit more at $1-million 31-thousand. WOW! But it makes sense, Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves need some room to live and work.

See pictures and read more here. Loving the kitchen and the elves’ “tiny homes.”