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Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

Dating sites aren’t always the best, and I say this because I’ve experienced them. Some people find “true love” with them but I think that percentage is low. A man in Texas decided to take another approach to try and find a mate: he put up a huge billboard.

66 year-old Jim Bays, who lives in the Austin, Texas area, decided the best way to find love was with a billboard. The father of five, who’s been divorced twice, put the billboard up in November. It reads, “Wanted” A Good Woman. 50-55ish. For talks and walks and mutual acts of kindness” with his phone number at the bottom. Bays says the billboard will be up until the end of December and possibly into January of 2022.

According to Austonia,  Since the billboard went up, Bays has gone on several dates and received two dozen voicemails. So far, he hasn’t found “the one” but his search is ongoing.

I’ll say this, he’s a brave man! Putting yourself out there like that can’t be easy. And putting your phone number on a billboard is hard core! Imagine the calls he’s gotten. This billboard idea will give him some great stories for sure.

You can read more about Bays and what he’s looking for here. Good luck to him! I hope this works for him!