You had me at retirement tester. Some may jump at the chance to get paid to play fortnight, post on TikTok, and watch Netflix. It’s all a possibility. A UK based company is looking to hire a retired pensioner to ‘live like a teenager’ and discover which hobbies they may enjoy. The individual selected will get paid over $600 to test out hobbies that include playing video games like Fortnite and for posting on TikTok.

That company is and the position they are looking to fill is a Retirement Tester. The UK company will shell out £500 which is approximately $650. All you have to do is try out gaming, TikTok, and watch Netflix shows like Squid Game. Then rate the activities by how much you enjoy them. The chosen tester will also be required to vlog their experience. The hope is to discover which of these youthful hobbies the older generation might enjoy too! The job does require candidates to be retired.

Key Job Responsibilities

  • TikTok: Watch an hour a day for one week and create three posts
  • Instagram: Create an account and share daily images of your favorite meals
  • Netflix: Watch an episode a day of a selection of popular shows (e.g. Bridgerton, Squid Game, You or Selling Sunset)
  • Video Games: Play a video game each day (games will include Fortnite and FIFA)
  • Vlog: To sample the life of a YouTuber, the CE-OAP will record their experiences and thoughts on each task, to create a vlog about their findings

The who weeks of ‘work’ will pay the $650 and additionally the chosen candidate will be supplied with a free games console to complete the duties of the role, games such as Fortnite, FIFA and Forza, and a Netflix account.

Applications close at 11.59pm on Friday 7th January 2022 and can be sent via the website here:


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