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Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

This is absolutely adorable! If you love dogs, you are going to love this video. A video of two golden retrievers “swimming” through thick snow has gone viral online. And already, the video has grabbed more than 13.2 million views.

According to Newsweek, the video was shared on TikTok by Misssarahalyssa. In the video, we can see that snowfall has blocked over half of the doorway, making it impossible to walk outside.

Two dogs are jumping up and down, perplexed, as a woman can be heard laughing as she says: “Okay go ahead. Okay go ahead. Pluto are you going to eat your way out?” She throws a dog toy out into the snow and then tells the dogs to go get it. ¬†One pooch begins scratching at the wall of snow and barking, then the other starts digging.

The digging takes too long, so the pups begin leaping into the snow. It seriously looks like these dogs are trying to swim in the snow. There are numerous videos of Pluto and Mokie Pokie, the dogs, trying to swim through the snow. In one of the videos, one of the dogs looks like it’s trying to do the butterfly!