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Joaquin Ossorio Castillo/Shutterstock

You may have thought you came up with some great gift ideas this holiday season, but it’s tough to top what this man in Ireland did for the love of his life. And it proves that the best presents don’t come wrapped in paper.

The video below begins with our hero at the airport in Dublin. He explains that he’s waiting for his partner’s parents. They flew in from their home in Mexico. Their daughter has no idea they’re coming.

We jump to the couple’s apartment. Mom and dad are sitting at the kitchen table. The thoughtful boyfriend steps out into the hall to welcome his girlfriend home. He opens the door into the kitchen, she sees her parents, and it’s Niagara Falls.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the emotional trans-Atlantic reunion between the young woman and her┬áparents. And I’m guessing that mom and dad approve of their daughter’s boyfriend.