Yoga instructor Asha Elliott conducts a live stream Yoga class at the Clovelly 'This is Yoga' studio on March 23, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

According to a new Medifast survey, only 44% of Americans plan to make a New Year’s resolution in 2022. That’s down from 50% last year. Why the drop? Maybe we’re finally starting to realize that the goals we set for ourselves aren’t always realistic.

At a time when we’re all going through so much, we should ease up on ourselves and worry less about trying to achieve mythical perfection. The same survey shows that only 10% of people say they stick with their New Year’s resolutions, and 47% say they break their resolutions within the first month. But what if we set the bar at a more reasonable height?

Parents magazine has offered up some realistic New Year’ resolutions for moms and dads. It’s less about what they are as it is how you approach them. The goal is to stick with your resolution because quitting by February will only make you feel like you’ve failed. We’re trying to avoid that.

Here are some common New Year’s resolutions each with a different, more doable way to think about them:

  1. “I will drink less wine” – This one is much easier if you don’t get specific about less than who or what.
  2. “I will drink more water” – You need water to make coffee, right? There you go!
  3. “I will save money” – Just not buying that new car you’ve been eyeing will save you $50-thousand!
  4. “I will put on workout clothes twice a week” – Doesn’t mean you’ll actually workout, but it IS the first step.
  5. “I will stop wasting so much time on Facebook” – Instagram is more fun anyway.
  6. “I will try something new every week” – And at least half the time, I’ll try to make sure that something isn’t a new brand of wine (See #1).
  7. “I will read more” – Shouldn’t be too hard if the last book you finished was in 2018.
  8. “I will keep the house neater.” – And if that means hiding stuff in the closet before company comes over, so be it.
  9. “I will practice more yoga” – Any yoga is more than the none at all that I’ve been doing.
  10. “I will work on reducing stress” – Starting with not making impossible New Year’s resolutions that stress me out!

If you like the way this is going, check out more of these realistic New Year’s resolutions HERE.