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Our puppy, Daisy, is now eight-months-old. She is 100% a part of our family. As the past six months since we adopted Daisy have gone by, I’ve come to realize just how much puppies and young kids are alike.

Having raised two sons, I’m quite familiar with the joys and challenges of parenthood. It feels like Sara and I are going through it all over again with Daisy, although we haven’t been setting aside any money for her college education. However, her running around, jumping on furniture, putting the wrong things in her mouth, and making a mess of herself has been very reminiscent of our boys’ toddler years.

We’ve been talking about getting another dog to keep Daisy company when we’re not home, but I think we’ll wait. That’s what doggy daycare is for. Besides, I don’t think I’m ready to take on twice the canine toddler energy right now.

Check out the two dogs having a sibling spat in the video below. Their reaction to mom’s reprimand proves my point. They look just like my sons did when they were in the same situation all those years ago.