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Jack Daniel buys a new turntable.

Vinyl is Back! It’s been in all the papers.

I was on Amazon over the weekend and I came upon a pretty inexpensive turntable. I was immediately overrun with nostalgia and emotion thinking about my youth spent listening to my dad’s console Stereo.  That was NOT just a music system, it was a piece of furniture, as he often told us. I never will forget it was a MAGNAVOX and we weren’t allowed to as much as open the sliding top without permission.

I remember being taken to The Music Mart in Concord where they sold 45’s.  I had as much as $3 I had earned doing chores. That would buy me (6) 45RPM singles. One song on each side. That was a treat. As I got older I started collecting and asking for LP’s (Albums). Listening to music on that stereo and playing DJ by holding my walkie talkie up to the speaker and transmitting to my cousin in the backyard is what got me into radio. It will be 50 years this September.

By the early 80’s the radio station I worked for (95.1 in Charlotte, Now KISS951), then it was 95Q and we started slowly moving to this new Compact Laser Disc format and slowly but surely my record collection ceased growing and it was all about CD’s. Stay with me here. Pretty soon there was talk that all the music would be “digital” and come from the computer. I stopped collecting CD’s and began loading up hard drives with MP3 files.

So…Why did I buy a turntable? Didn’t you hear” vinyl is coming back! I had literally hundreds of records of the small and large variety and yet, I didn’t have the foresight that some did to hang onto them.  When my NEW turntable arrived I ran to the flea market and looked through the bin of LP’s and spent $30 to get 6 albums that were well taken care. I guess I just started my new record collection. The real truth is that I work in radio, have a Spotify account and thousands of mp3’s in my computer at home but I was craving a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I wanted to read the album jacket while I listened to the songs. I wanted to hear the familiar pop and crackle of the needle on the record and the “warmth” of the sound that only comes with vinyl. People who’ve never heard it, just don’t understand.

The whole experience reminded me of my very first album “Meet The Beatles”. It couldn’t be found in the bin I was looking through but I hope to replace it soon if I can. Do you remember your first album purchase? Now I have to buy a cleaning kit. It’s not just old folks like me getting into the act. Millennials are also discovering the vinyl revival. As you’ll see in the video below, I also have to find a copy of that “WUSSY” album. What was old is “new again”.