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Everyone is breaking world records these days. Even reptiles! One tortoise, named Jonathan, actually holds two records. According to Guinness World Records, Jonathan is officially the world’s oldest living land animal. If that wasn’t enough, the ancient reptile is now also the oldest tortoise ever.

Jonathan is believed to be an astonishing 190 years old, which means he hatched in 1832. The Guinness folks think he may actually be older. He was at least 50 when he arrived on St. Helena in 1882. That’s an island in the Atlantic Ocean off the western coast of Africa. Jonathan lives at the governor’s residence.

Officials say Jonathan is blind and can’t smell but he’s in good spirits. How can they tell? I guess as long as he’s still eating and doing other normal tortoise-y things, he’s good. In the 2016 video below, Jonathan appears to be enjoying his bath, which looks more like washing a hatchback.