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We’ve waited two years since we saw the shocking finale of Season 3 of Netflix’ biggest original series. Season 4 will be the final season, but because it’s 14 episodes instead of the usual 10 of the past 3 seasons, it will air in two parts starting 1/21/22. Will it be 10 episodes in part 1 followed by 4 bonus episodes that will air later? How much later? Will it be like a mini Season 5? They could air it as 7 episodes in each part? So many questions that start being answered today.

Not to be a spoiler but if you haven’t started watching this groundbreaking series by now, you wouldn’t have much interest in this post. After the conclusion to Season 3, who sat there and just didn’t know what to say when “you know what” happened? I was speechless and just sat for 20 minutes after Season 3. That’s when you know a program has had an impact on you.

The last 14 episodes of Ozark begin today and no one knows when we will see the final episode and conclusion of this amazing series. Yes, it’s violent, shocking, but I can’t turn it off because I have to see what’s in store next for these characters.

One thing is certain. The acting is superb, the characters captivating and the storytelling is without equal on any streaming service in 2022.