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Is it a dog? Is it a coyote? Did a deer get in the mix? That’s what one news team speculated. Wildlife experts are stumped by an animal that was recently rescued in Western Pennsylvania.

According to WPXI-TV, a woman in Fairfield Township, Pennsylvania saved the mysterious animal from the freezing cold. Once the shivering critter was in Christina Eyth’s basement, the professionals took over.

The animal has been taken to a rehab center where it the care it needs. The staff was confused as to what the animal might be, so they’re doing genetic testing. The results can take up to four weeks. In the meantime, the animal is in isolation due to the possibility of rabies.

The dog/coyote theory sounds plausible. Based on its appearance, maybe there’s some greyhound or whippet in its genetics. But I’m not buying that it’s part deer. You can see some video HERE.