LAKE GENEVA, WISCONSIN - March 2, 2019: People enjoying the annual icy winter playland attraction at the Ice Castles. (Polina MB/Shutterstock)

Can you believe there’s talk of more snow coming to the Charlotte area this weekend? It’s like we’re having a real winter around here. I’m good with what we’ve had so far. In fact, one more dusting might be enough and then I’ll be ready for spring. If I want a more extreme version of winter, I’d prefer to go to it rather than have it come here. Wisconsin might be perfect, now that I know they have ice castles.

According to UPI, Wisconsin’s interactive Ice Castles are now open. The annual attraction in Lake Geneva features tunnels, slides, fountains, and other structures made entirely of pure ice. It looks like pure magic. It took 4,000 hours and 3,000,000 gallons of water to complete.

The frozen wonderland is expected to stay open to the public through early March, as long as the weather cooperates. Ice Castles also operates similar attractions in New York, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Utah. I’d love to see one of them. At the same time, I’m glad it doesn’t get cold enough here to have a North Carolina version.