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I don’t have COVID, but I have tested positive for Olympic fever. Perhaps the winter event I enjoy watching most is skeleton. I think it’s called that because there’s a high probability that’s all that will be left of you at the end of your run. Skeleton is like luge except you’re going down the track of ice head-first.

It’s one thing to fly down an icy hill when you’re a young, fit, and expertly-trained Olympian. It’s another to do when you’re in your mid-90s. At the age of 94, William Ping of Owensville, Indiana did his own version of Olympic skeleton after a recent snowstorm.

According to WFIE-TV, it was the first time in 20 years Mr. Ping had gone sledding. He saw all the fun the local kids were having in the snow, and figured it would be a good time to dust off his trusty wooden sled that he’d had for years. Ping chose that one in particular because it would allow him to steer away from the pond at the bottom of the hill. Good call.

When William Ping goes sledding, he does it the right way: on his belly, head-first. Ping says he didn’t know exactly how fast he went, but that it was faster than he thought it would be. You can see him in action HERE.

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