Snakes aren’t for the faint of heart. In North Carolina, we have a lot of snakes, which I don’t like. In Florida, they have the same snake problems. However, they are wrangling them near malls.

According to the news source Local 10, a man by the name of Albert Pardo was taking his dog Archie for a walk near the Dolphin Mall in Miami. All of a sudden, the dog alerted him to a massive snake in a marshy area nearby. The two were prepared to take down the snake, but first, they wanted to call their friend Dr. Larin. Why? Because according to the report, “he has experience catching snakes.”

Dr. Alvaro Larin, a veterinarian, came to the rescue and did some wrestling with the Burmese python. He was able to capture it! The python spent the night in a cooler in Pardo’s travel trailer before Florida Fish and Wildlife officers took it away. You can watch the video of the two men capturing this large Python snake near the Flordia mall below.

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