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I wanna be like this woman when I grow up! A Michigan woman is getting a new tattoo for her upcoming 100th birthday!

Gloria Weberg turns 100 next month and has decided to add some new ink to her body. She’s definitely not your average tattoo client. According to AP News, Weberg got her first tattoo 20 years ago when she turned 80. She then got another at the age of 90. Her new tattoo on her left arm will be in celebration of turning 100.

As of right now, Weberg sports a “NY NY 1922” tattoo on her arm, for the year and and place of her birth. She also has a goddess representing Mother Earth with seven stars representing her children.

So what’s her key to longevity? “My secret is being active,” Gloria says. “To be aware of what’s going on in the world in every way, from what my children were doing, their education, how important that was to me.” This centenarian also does aerobics while watching the news on TV and she regularly enjoys a glass of red wine. Gloria doesn’t even turn 100 until March 2nd, but she’s already looking ahead to possible tattoos for her 110th. She jokes that for that birthday she’ll probably get something like, “Are you still here?” or “I’m still here.”

I have to say that Weberg does not look her age, so whatever she’s been doing for all these years is working!

It’s funny because my mom has never been a fan of my tattoos but this past weekend, she mentioned wanting to get one. We both have had neck surgery and both have large scars. We chatted about getting a zipper at the bottom of the scars. HA! I’ll have to see if I can really talk her into getting one.