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Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images

No matter how old you get you’re never really “grown up” in your parent’s eyes. This video is proof of that! A video of a TV news reporter has gone viral for the cutest reason: his mom busts in on a live shot.

Myles Harris is a reporter in Ohio. He was working on a story a few days ago out in the field and was doing a broadcast. Cars are rolling behind him and then Harris sees an upcoming car. It’s his mom! She stops and rolls down her window and says, “Hey baby!” to her son. Harris has a look on his face like he’s five years old and his mom stopped him from playing. His reaction is adorable!

When you watch the video you can tell Harris is annoyed yet flattered that his mom stopped to say hi! This video is proof that no matter how old we get, we are still someone’s baby! If you’re a parent, you understand.

I love how proud this mom is of her son! You can tell she’s so happy he’s on TV and has a promising career. Harris posted the video on his Instagram page and his viewers are loving it! We’re always babies to our parents.  Love it!